Franklin Graham Ruins Liberals with an Amazing Message About Trump and Christmas

One campaign promise that President Donald Trump appears to have kept is the promise to bring saying, ‘Merry Christmas’ back to the White House. And he isn’t shy about saying it. That was quite a change from former President Barack Obama who seemed to have a reluctance to embrace the phrase, preferring to embrace the ubiquitous ‘Happy Holidays’ instead.

Trump has claimed the practice of not saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is “political correctness.”

Rev. Franklin Graham praised Trump for fulfilling his promise.

From The Hill:

Rev. Franklin Graham said Saturday that it’s “refreshing” that President Trump doesn’t care “what the liberals think” of his pledge to destigmatize “Merry Christmas.”

“I’m so excited that the president isn’t afraid to mention the name of Jesus Christ and that he boldly stands for not only Christ but all religious freedom, and it’s refreshing to have a president who’s just not afraid and doesn’t care what all the liberals think,” Graham said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends.”

Graham, the son of the evangelist Billy Graham and president of the charitable organization, Samaritan’s Purse, said Christmas is all about Christ.

Graham added that there is “no question” that Christians are under attack in the current political moment, citing a current Supreme Court case on whether a Christian bakery must be forced to bake wedding cakes for homosexual couples.

“As Christians, and we’re the majority, are under attack from the secularists,” Graham said. “I think it’s very important that people remember this, and that we stand up for our religious freedoms and we do have a president who does care and I think he’s gonna do all he can to stand with us.”

He said he’s so glad that Trump stands for religious freedom and not just that of Christianity, but all religious freedom.

He also gave the ‘Fox and Friends’ crew an update on his father who just turned 99 years old in November. He said that his father continues to be “sharp.”

Graham is right.

It isn’t that saying ‘Happy Holidays’ is wrong or doesn’t have its place, such as if you don’t know what the person you are addressing may or may not celebrate. It’s in acting that ‘Merry Christmas’ is somehow inappropriate or offensive to say or recognize in the public square.

And saying ‘Happy holidays,’ while eliminating ‘Christmas’ is not actually recognizing any other religious holiday by name either.

“He’s just going to do what he thinks is right and everybody just get out of his way,” Graham said.

H/T Fox News Insider

[Note: This post is written by Nick Arama]